CLICK, COTTON, FRALECH, HANSON, HEDGES, LABREC, SAMPLE posted by Barbara Sample Schuler on Sunday, October 20, 1996

Researching James SAMPLE, wife Clarissa FRALECH who lived in Fillmore County in the late 1800s, and their children whose daughter's surnames included CLICK, HEDGES, COTTON, LABREC, HANSON. Particularly interested in contacting HEDGES descendant, the family lived in Warsaw and Faribault.

ARMSTRONG, DAVY, GRANT, GRINNELL, MACDONALD, MARIAH, SAMPLE posted by Barbara Sample Schuler on Sunday, October 20, 1996

I am researching the family of my great grandparents, James and Clarissa SAMPLE of Fillmore County, and would like to contact descendants of their oldest child, MARIAH Sample Hedges who lived in Warsaw. Among the surnames of her daughters are GRANT, DAVY, GRINNELL, and ARMSTRONG, MACDONALD. I have many pictures of her family which I would like to share.

MCGINNIS posted by Jerry Klug on Wednesday, November 6, 1996

Excuse me if this is a repeat message. I thought I sent it but it did not show up in my sent mail. Seeking information on the history of the naming of MCGINNIS Most (bridge) in Shieldsville, Rice Co.

ANDYKE, DUNHAM, GOODWIN, MATSON, ROBINSON posted by Carol Ramey on Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Looking for anyone connected with ANDYKE, ROBINSON, DUNHAM, MATSON, GOODWIN families of Rice County.

REHNKE posted by Don Sherman on Tuesday, December 17, 1996

I am looking for information on great-grandparent,Albert Heinrick REHNKE, who came to Mn. from Lebork, Lugwise Kress, Pommerania in 1867 and settled and married near Dundas,-Wheling Twp., Rice Co. then moved to Ortonville,Mn, Big Stone Co. @ 1880, then took up farming near Twin Brooks, S.D. I am particularly interested in finding more about family history search processes for the Rehnke surname and its origins within the German, Polish, and Kassubian region of Pommerania. I hope this will lead to European connections -- roots and relatives.

RANSLOW, RENSLOW, ZION posted by Charlotte E. Falkowski on Wednesday, January 1, 1997

I am interested in the RANSLOW -RENSLOW Families that lived in Rice County from circa 1860. there were was Charles who had a daughter who married a ZION and had a child Mary ZION, what happened to this child????? Are there still survivors in the area????? Also looking for the daughters and their families of Alonzo Renslow??????Any help would be appreciated Thank YOU  

BUCHMANN posted by Wayne H. Loney on Thursday, January 2, 1997

BUCHMANN - Interested in any information regarding the Buchmann family who move to Rice Co. after residing in Brooklyn NY for a few years after emigrating from Germany. Any information about their ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Jacob Buchmann b 14 Oct 1819 d 06 Aug 1906 Northfield, MN wife Elizabeth Weidler b 30 May 1827 Germany d 22 Mar 1911 Northfield, MN

WARE posted by Roger Ware on Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Looking for information on my great grandfather. Last name is WARE. Not sure the first. He lived in Northfield and was Mayor in the early 1900's to sometine in the late 20's.

HEDGES posted by Barbara Sample Schuler on Tuesday, January 14, 1997

I am very interested in finding descendants of Robert and Mariah Sample HEDGES who lived in Warsaw , Robert died in 1904 and Mariah in 1916.

FLETCHER, WARE posted by Roger Ware on Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Looking for information on Alfred Kirkland WARE. Lived in Northfield and was Mayor from 1903-1905. Ware Auditorium in Northfield was named after him. Also looking for any direct dependents still living in the area. Wife's maiden was Harriot FLETCHER who died in 1912 or 1913.  

BUCK, CURTIS, ROUSE posted by David Hamilton on Friday, January 17, 1997

BUCK,Mary Almira born 16 Nov 1857 in Rice CO MN. Her parents were William BUCK and Arvilla CURTIS. Mary married William Issac ROUSE.

KOKES posted by Debra Minar Driscoll on Sunday, January 19, 1997

Seeking info about Thomas KOKES family of Wheatland Township. Looking for information about their emigration from Bohemia (Czech Republic). Seeking descendants of Thomas Kokes and Marie or Mary Minar. (married in 1877 in New Prague) I have about 20 pages of information on Czech immigration to this area that I am willing to share. Thanks.

KOPPMANN, REUTER posted by Janeen Ryseff on Friday, January 31, 1997

Marriage and church records for Louise Dorothea KOPPMANN and Kurt Hermann Wilhem REUTER. Married I think Feb. 7, 1878 Wheeling, Rice County, Minn. They were German and I think Luthern. Both of their parents lived in the area around 1880's and they had 1 daughter Ida born in Fairbault.

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