BURKE, PINEUR posted by Tom Beer on Saturday, May 2, 1998

My mother's mother immigrated to Rice Co. from Belgium in the 1880's -I believe. Her last name was Pineur, and she married Joseph Burke. They lived in Faribault until their deaths. I am interested in information concerning Belgian immigrants in Rice County, and of course my ancestor. I have traced Joseph Burke back to Ohio where he was born in 1861. His parents appear to have immigrated from Ireland sometime during the period of the potato famine, but I have no real information about them. Thanks.

GARDENHIRE, HURLBUTT posted by Presley Smith on Sunday, May 3, 1998

There was a Edith Hurlbutt who lived and may now have died in Rice County. Edith Hurlbutt died in January, 1984 in Northfield, Rice County, MN according to the Social Security records 475-34-0541. Edith was researching the Gardenhire family. I hope that her work has been saved there in Rice County and that I can get a copy of her research. If not, I'd like to get a copy of her obit so I can try to contact some of the living relatives and see if I can get her a copy of her data. What newspaper would such an obit appear? Is there a genealogy group in Northfield that might have a copy of her data? I'm working on the Gardenhires who moved to Texas before 1860. And have living relatives in the Dallas area. Any pointers or help would be most appreciated. My e-mail address is or Presley Smith Box 833851 Richardson, TX 75083-3851 Thanks for any help. Presley

GRAVES posted by Jimsey L. Miller on Friday, May 8, 1998

My father was Dr. James Huntington GRAVES. He was born and raised in Fairbault, MN. before leaving for the University of Minnesota. His father was Roy Bemis GRAVES of Fairbault, MN. I also had an uncle named Robert GRAVES who was killed in WWI in Africa. He was a pilot and was shot down. Does anyone have any information on either my uncle or grandfather. I remember the house that they lived in as I visited it once when I ws small. It was a large cut stone house I believe right in town. My grandfather was involved with Chatauqua shows and there was a band shell in the park that he used to perform in, he told me many years ago. If anyone can give me a little direction where to start to research some of this please let me know. thank you so much.

posted by Jimsey L. Miller on Saturday, May 9, 1998

Father: Dr. James Huntington Graves, left Fairbault to go to Univ. of Minn. deceased Uncle: Robert Graves, pilot, shot down WWII in Africa Grandfather: Roy Bemis Graves, buried in Fairbault, MN. All were born and raised in Fairbault, MN. trying to additional in about my uncle and my grandfather. My e-mail: Thank you so much.

BISHOP, DOANE, SHEPHERD, SWARTWOOD posted by Cori Welch on Sunday, May 10, 1998

Henry SWARTWOOD was born in 1846 in Pennsylvania and died in Faribault, MN. He married Harriet SHEPHERD. The child of Henry and Harriet is Wilbert E. SWARTWOOD, born 1870, in Faribault, and died in 1921 in Minneapolis. Wilbert E. SWARTWOOD married Lilian BISHOP (daughter of Eugene BISHOP and Susan DOANE) and had three children, one of whom, Mildred Essie SWARTWOOD, b. Sept. 19, 1892, is my husband's grandmother. Would like to know more about the SWARTWOOD family and the SHEPHERD family in Faribault.

EVERSON, KARENKE, PFROM posted by Paula Deml on Wednesday, May 13, 1998

I am looking for any PFROM's or EVERSONS in the Faribault, Rice Co.,Mn area in the early 1900's. John Martin Edward PFROM 1874-1944 Jenette "Jennie" EVERSON 1880-before 1920 John W. 1905 Charles 1906 Pearl 19?? m:KARENKE (lived in Eagle River,WI) Jennie is buried in the EVERSON family burial plot at the North Grove Cemetery In Cannon City Twp., Rice Co.,Mn

BELL, HEATH posted by Mary Lukosavich on Monday, May 18, 1998

Looking for death dates for William L. Heath born 1824 in NY. and Adelia Heath (Bell) born 1828 CT. They moved to Warsaw from NY.1855-1860. Children: William b. c. 1855 NY. Edgar 1860 MI, Walter 1862 MI Ella 1864 MI,Louera? 1866 MI, Charles 1868 MI and Elmer 1872 MI. Both were alive in 1900 census. Thank you for any help, Mary Lukosavich

BELL, HEATH posted by Mary Lukosavich on Monday, May 18, 1998

Looking for death dates for William L. Heath b. 1824 NY. married Adelia Bell b. 1828 CT. They moved to Warsaw 1855-1860 from Long Island NY. Were both alive in 1900 census. Children: William b. c. 1855 Edgar b. c. 1860 Walter b. c. 1862 Ella b. c. 1864 Louera? b. c. 1866 Charles b. 1868 Elmer b. 1872 Mary Lukosavich

DIXON, MORRIS, STARBUCK posted by Steve Dixon on Thursday, May 21, 1998

I am looking for information on Johnathan MORRIS, founder of Morristown Mn. He married Sarah STARBUCK. They had a daughter Elisabeth Morris who married Joesph DIXON. Johnathans father was Hugh MORRIS.

PLITZKOW, SOBCZAK posted by Christa Plitzkow Sobczak on Wednesday, May 27, 1998

I would like some information about a Herrmann Plitzkow arrived in Cannon city township in the mid 1880's from Wisconsin. He was born in Germany in 1860,arrived in Wisconsin in 1882 ,married in 1883 ,then moved to Cannon city.He died in 1940 age 80 in Cannon city township.I would like to find the name of the town/village he was born in Germany.Thank you Christa Plitzkow Sobczak,

posted by Dave Wogen on Friday, May 29, 1998

I am looking for a list of babies born in Faribault on 16 September, 1957 including parents names.

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