LUKER, REYNOLDS, RHORER posted by Barbara Reynolds on Thursday, August 5, 1999

Looking for descendants of Richard Reynolds, John Reynolds, David Reynolds, Lewis Gordon Reynolds and Aletha Reynolds Rhorer of Waterville, MN. John moved to Portland. David moved to Parsons, Kansas. They would have been born in Indiana or Ohio around the late 1830s through the late 1840s or early 1850s. Their parents were William Reynolds and Mary Anderson, born in New Jersey. Willliam and Mary were married in 1837 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. William died in 1853. Mary moved to Minnesota and married a Luker. Most of the siblings lived and died in the Waterville area.

MOHR, SCHRIMPF posted by JoAnn Holt on Thursday, August 5, 1999

I am looking for any information, relatives or the cemetery location for a Joseph and Vera Mohr or a Joseph Schrimpf -- my great uncle.

HURD posted by Robert Bonin on Friday, August 6, 1999

I have a fair amount of information on these Hurds, their ancestors and cousins. I was unable to contact Kristine Hurd by e-mail, but would like to exchange information with her or other interested parties.

BOSS posted by Susan Edminster on Sunday, August 8, 1999

Hello, My Mother had an uncle (Charles BOSS) who attended the "Faribault school for the deaf and dumb" according to an old news article. I'm wondering if anyone knows of this school and if any olf records remain. Thanks in advance for any help, Sue Edminster

HAYDEN posted by Denise Lloyd on Sunday, August 8, 1999

Looking for information on the Hayden Family. My g-grandfather was Thomas Francis Hayden born in Faribult, Minnesota in 1863. Any information would be appreciated.

DONKERS, GILLIS, ORSOUW, ORSOW, VAN posted by Tina Snider on Wednesday, August 11, 1999

I am interested in getting information about my greatgrandfather Martin Van Orsow. He immigrated to Faribault, MN in 1909 from Holland. His brother John and mother (name unknown) preceded his move to Faribault. Martin Van Orsow married Nellie Donkers (daughter of Nicholas Donkers) in 1915. Nellie and Martin had 10 children while they were living in Faribault. In 1936 they moved to Portland, OR., which is where I have the bulk of my information. Martin and John's mother lost her first husband (Van Orsouw) in Holland. When she immigrated to the U.S. She married a man with the last name of Gillis. I do not know if she met him in Faribault. I am interested in any and all information on the Donkers and Van Orsows. I am especially interested in marriage certificates, baptism certificates (Nellie used her Baptism certificate to prove her citizenship on her Oath of Allegiance form), newspaper info(one child died of cribdeath),etc. I thank you for any ad all information.

FELLER, KOON, MUNN posted by Karyn Cooper on Thursday, August 12, 1999

Ezera Best Feller homesteaded 160 acres at Worthington Land office, Noble Co. Mn 9/3/1890. Noted also was Seward Feller 8/14/1888 and David W. Feller 11/13/1890. Ezra B.Feller b/NY m Martha Koon b/NY and a son Mark Henry Feller was born 8/5/1881 in Mn. Would like to connect with any Feller or Koon of Nobles Co. or just Mn. Ezra had removed to Snohomish Co. Wa. by 1907. Mark Henry Feller m Ruth Florence Munn and had 10 Children before he died in 1924.

BUCHANAN, HOOVER, LUDWIG posted by glenna ludwig on Friday, August 13, 1999

Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge about my lineage--Buchanan(David) m. Harriet Hoover or Ludwig (Henry d. 1908) son of Carl Ludwig & Anna. Henry married my g-mother Maud Buchanan in 1899. Will really appreciate any info. Thanks

LUDWIG posted by glenna ludwig on Friday, August 13, 1999

Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge about my lineage--Buchanan(David) m. Harriet Hoover or Ludwig (Henry d. 1908) son of Carl Ludwig & Anna. Henry married my g-mother Maud Buchanan in 1899. Will really appreciate any info. Thanks

KRUPP, WANSTRATH posted by Joanna Brewer on Saturday, August 14, 1999

Joseph Wanstrath my grandfather recived his naturalization papers in Duluth Minnesota Oct. 30, 1897. Joseph was born in Germany, where and when is what I am lookinf for. Joseph Married Barbara Krupp in the late 1800's my father was (Joseph C. Wanstrath) born Feb 25,1900 in Arcadian Michigan any information anyone may hve please contact me. Thanks so much Joanna

DAVISON, EMMERSON, JUDD posted by Carol Mahmood on Sunday, August 15, 1999

I would like to find the death date and burial location of Charity Ann Judd Emmerson Davison . I believe that she died sometime around 1885 in Ottertail County, MN. Thank you Carol Mahmood

BAKER, BURKE, ROOKER posted by Mary Maunu on Wednesday, August 18, 1999

NANCIE(BAKER)ROOKER,MARTHA(BURKE)ROOKER, EARL ROOKER: Looking for burial information on Nancie Baker Rooker, D. 2 Jan.1893 in Waterville Township. Wife of lyman Oscar Rooker. Also burial information on Earl Rooker who died 6 March 1893 at the age of 3. Also information on Martha Burke Rooker who died in Elysian on 10 Jan.1896. Second wife of Lyman Oscar Rooker.

FARNLOF, GUNDERSEN, GUNDERSON posted by Karen Dotson on Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Looking for any information on a Emmanuel FARNLOF and his family, wife's name was Hilda FARNLOF (maiden name was GUNDERSEN/SON)and a daughter Stella and a son Clarence FARNLOF in your county of Rice around 1900-1920.

GRABAU, GRABOW posted by Loa Susan Gorman on Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Seeking info on the Grabau surname. Willing to exchange info.

NIEHART posted by George Freeman on Friday, August 20, 1999

Niehart, Jacob died July 1980 in Blooming Prairie. Need burial location and copy of obituary. Am willing to pay for information. Any family response would be very nice and much appreciated.

KELLAM posted by Roxanne Kellam on Friday, August 20, 1999

I'm looking for the family of my grandfather, Harold St. Clarie Kellam (Sr.) According to my father (jr) - my grandfather's family came from Minnesota. My grandfather left home (ran away) and ended up in Oregon - married my grandmother (Vivian Abraham) after WWI.

RABARY posted by Angélique RABARY on Sunday, August 22, 1999

Looking for any information about Andrias Gustav RABARY (probably mispelled surname), born to Anton and Anna RABARY (from Norway) on Jan. 5th 1873 in Wheeling, Rice County, Minnesota. Thank you.

DONKERS, GILLIS, ORSOUW, VAN, VANORSOW posted by patricia on Monday, August 23, 1999

I am looking for help with families on the 1910 census. They lived in Fairbault, Nicholas Donkers, unknown GILLIS and a MARTIN VAN ORSOUW, or VanOrsow. Any help with these families would be appreciated. GILLIS & Van Orsouw came from Holland together before 1910. Thanks! Pat

BICEK, BICKA, DRABEK, HOSEK, KUBIN, STASTNY, TESAREK, VANEK, VEVERKA posted by Shirley Emily Slanker on Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Looking for members of the Jablecnik family that came from Bohemia approximately in the 1880s. Grandfather Jan Jablecnik settled in the Chicago, IL area. My father, Charles Jablecnik, was born in November of 1889...just a few weeks after parents landed. Grandparents buried in Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago.

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