CHAMBERLIN, HARMER, HOSFORD, STRANAHAN posted by Bill on Sunday, June 3, 2001

I'm looking for some for an Alexander's that might be doing some genealogy work in Minn , mainly Rice Co. As most of my family came to that area, around 1850 from NY, Also surnames STRANAHAN, HARMER, HOSFORD, CHAMBERLIN. Thank you.

BATCHELDER, MACLEOD, STEWART posted by Maurice M. Stewart on Friday, June 8, 2001

I am seeking information about Ursula Batchelder, who moved to Mn. with her daughter Cornelea, who married a man named Macleod,who was in the shipping business..She moved from Maine or Mass.,about 1870. I understand she is in the 1920 census for Rice Co., City of Faribault..Thank you..

HACKETT, HILL, TOZIER posted by Holly C. Hackett on Friday, June 15, 2001

Hi, I am searching for Benjamin Hackett who was orginally from Canada but moved to Stillwater, Minnesota. Would like to know who he was married to and his childrens names. Also anything about him would be helpful. Thanks

KOSEK, LAUFENBERGER posted by Judy Bohanan on Sunday, June 17, 2001

Need information on Jennie Kosek, immigrated from Prague in 1890. In 1910 census she was listed with 2 sons, Frank W. and Albert. In 1920 census she was listed with Fred Laufenberger. Jennie was the second Mrs. Laufenberger, and may have had another husband between Kosek and Laufenberger. She was living in Faribault in both census 1910 and 1920. Can anyone out there help me?

posted by B Quinn on Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Are there any records or books listing the business and business owners in Northfield in the 1860 to 1880 period?

GLOR, SCHULT, SOMERS posted by Kathy Hines on Sunday, July 8, 2001

Searching for descendants of Jacob & Sophia (Schult) Glor. Sophia was the sister of my 3g grandmother, Rosine (Schult) Som(m)er(s.) 1875 MN State Census - Rice Co., Township of Northfield pg. 650 HH#?4 Jacob Glor, 63, m, w, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland Sophia Glor, 43, f, w, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia Jacob Glor, 12, m, w, Minnesota, Switzerland, Prussia Sophia Glor, 10, f, w, Minnesota, Switzerland, Prussia Emma Glor, 9, f, w, Minnesota, Switzerland, Prussia Anna Glor, 8, f, w, Minnesota, Switzerland, Prussia Heinrich Glor, 6, m, w, Minnesota, Switzerland, Prussia

BORESCH, LONIEN, METZEN, SCHWEISTHAL posted by Kathy Metzen on Sunday, July 8, 2001

in the 1880s, the following arrived in Faribault from the Eifel area of Germany. Susannah Schweisthal (from Erdorf) & her husband Johan Lonien (from Wilsecker) (some records list him as Johan, some as Johan Peter). Also Michael Schweisthal, his son Valentin, & grandson, Michael (from Erdorf). The elder Michael Schweisthal died in 1899. In 1905, Susannah's older sister Anna Maria (Maria) came (from Wilsecker)with her husband, Michael Metzen, & children: Anna Maria (Emma), Johan Heinrich, Johan, & Nicholas. The Schweisthals were also related to members of the Boresch family, who had arrived much earlier. Michael Metzen was employed at Shattuck. Emma married Nicholas Mertes(from Luxembourg). I do not & have never lived in Minnesota. Several attempts to contact other descendants have failed. If you are descended from these people, I would like to compare notes. I may be able to give you some information.

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